In modern society, the shelf life of shoes and their intrinsic value can vary depending on the footwear in question. The investment in the shoes prompts the question if the fees for their repair offset the cost in the initial purchase. To aid in decision making, listed below are some guidelines which could be beneficial; it should be noted, however, that the target market of these brands mainlines to males (or male identifiers) enmeshed in the formal business world.

Quality Vs. Quantity

Naturally, the first inquiry to any major purchase is how much was initially invested in the shoes? For example, if the retail cost of the shoes was $20, and the repair fee is $15 or higher, then it goes without saying (unless they are your great Uncle Jimmy’s winkle pickers worn back in the 60s), that if reconstruction cost exceeds the original price, then the investment is unlucrative. However, if the quality of the shoe was attained at a higher price range, then a repair may be indicative of original value.

Walking In My Shoes

Another critical factor regarding mending relies largely on brand and style. Be they Hugo Boss, Ted Baker London series or Allen Edmonds Park Avenue signature line, they will require professional care as time, wear, and tear occur. That being said, if the prerogative is self-statement through glamoured business accessories, or desiring a shoe comprised of high quality, then a $200 brand of shoes certainly merits a visit to the cobbler.

Damage Control

Observe the source of deterioration. What type of damage has been done to the shoe? For example, if the soles are detaching from the bottom, sometimes a simple dose of Shoe Goo or Gorilla Glue, pressure and some old-fashioned elbow grease can provide the necessary fix. If the leather on those prized dark brown Oxfords has been blemished or torn, and the purchaser does not have a background in leather work, obviously professional hands would be required to intervene.

In fact, depending on the material involved with the upper portion of the shoe, there is usually high potential that damage could be irreversible. The bottom portion of the shoe or interior damage however can generally be rectified.

Those Sentimental Moments

Regarding the fondness one has for the shoes, what is the motivation to keep them? Does the wearer experience life as an empowered champ everytime they walk out of the house in their pair of Derbys? Do the dress shoes belong to your twice removed cousin whom you shared a college dorm with, and whose wedding you attended?

The undertaking in the final verdict of the shoes depends entirely upon the mental attachment to the accessories.

To Repair? Or Not to Repair? That Is The Question…

At the end of the day, the buyer can utilise all variables above as the determinant for their investment. Sentiment has equal value to buying power. Therein, only you may choose the path of your sole wisely grasshopper.

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