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When You Love Your Shoes,
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Our main goal is our satisfied customers, and we make every effort to be clear and responsive to their needs. When you to do business with our shoe repair, we will do our best to provide quality work at fair prices.

Since 1973, we have been providing the quality shoe repair and our proud family tradition continues today. We support the craft of shoe repair.
1998, we celebrated our 25th anniversay of providing traditional cobbler services in Canberra.
Thirty years after opening the doors to Civic Shoe Repairs, Mr Vassiliotis retires, and hands the reigns over to son, Milton.
The Year we got our Digital Swagger. Commence creation of virtual lasts of our clientele’s feet by using state of art, 3D mapping device. Now cobbling custom made shoes with precision, previously unattainable.


Turn to a Cobbler for a Pair of Shoes Unlike Any You’ve Ever Owned Before

Some footwear makers like Nike, Vans, and Converse allow consumers to mix and match fabric, laces, and other details of their shoes to create a custom look. But for a truly custom-made shoe experience, engaging the services of a gifted cobbler are a must.

It sounds like an old-fashioned job but skilled cobblers are true craftsmen and women who have spent a lifetime perfecting the skills and knowledge necessary to turn your footwear preferences into a well-made reality, an investment shoe that will serve you well for many years of memorable occasions and everyday enjoyment.

The World of Custom Footwear

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People turn to cobblers for custom made shoes for a variety of reasons. Often, they include wanting a luxury product, having specific fit or comfort needs, or simply wanting a style that typical ready-to-wear shoe manufacturers don’t seem to make. A well-made bespoke shoe can last for many years and is repairable, in direct opposition to today’s use it and throw it away culture. A good cobbler will fix the heel, adjust a too-tight fit, replace the sole, or even clean and restore the leather, making a well-loved pair of shoes look like new.

High-end cobblers may only work with clients in person. Some companies that offer bespoke shoes online may have some parts of the construction pre-fabricated and that’s why they can get them to clients within a few weeks and without you ever having to set foot in their studio.

Choice of materials in footwear matters; some commercial shoemakers make choices in product materials or shoe-making processes that the average consumer would not notice but that a pro cobbler wouldn’t choose. Examples of this include using cellulose insole boards or man-made heel counters and toe puffs instead of hand-crafted leather ones. Are these selections wrong? No. They’re just not the way a traditional cobbler would make a quality pair of shoes.

What Do Cobbler Services in Canberra Include?

Cobblers can craft a shoe from start to finish, and then keep that pair of shoes looking good and functioning well as time goes on. Every pair of custom made shoes begins with the cobbler taking measurements of the client’s feet. The cobbler then makes what’s called a last, which is a model foot that matches the measurements of the client’s feet, and then creates the shoes around it. Once completed, the last is removed from the shoe, the insole is applied, and the shoes are ready to wear. The cobbler typically keeps the custom last. It saves him time and his client money if the man should decide to buy another pair of shoes. If the client goes to a new cobbler, a new last has to be made (cobblers don’t typically give up the lasts they’ve made for a client). The skill needed to make a high-quality and accurate last is – if not more – important than the ability to make a shoe.

In general, the process of having a pair of custom-made shoes takes a minimum of several weeks, although several months or more is common. The amount of time it takes can depend on many things, such as how many fittings are needed and how long it takes to source and receive supplies.

A good cobbler will talk with the client about they like or dislike about their current shoes, as well as any fit or style concerns they have. Nearly every aspect of the shoe is open to modification, from inside lining to heel style. A cobbler’s goal is to turn your dream shoe into reality. Are the shoes for a formal event? Will they be worn to work every day? These considerations can affect the choice of leather, color, style, and more.

Perhaps one of the most important roles of a cobbler is in the after-sale care and maintenance of the shoes. If needed, these shoes can be repaired (for example, re-soled) in a way that doesn’t affect the integrity of the whole shoe. Some cobblers offer guarantees on the quality or craftsmanship of the shoes.

How Custom Made to Measure Shoes Are Different

When a man visits a cobbler for made to measure shoe, the entire process focuses on his feet specifically, and how individual they are. First, the cobbler measures the feet while standing and while sitting, too. Depth, width, a profile, and print of the foot are made from several different angles.

Drawings are made of the entire outline of the foot. Some cobblers also have clients step into a mould. Cobblers will look for any unique things about a client’s foot that would necessitate modifications to the pattern or construction of the shoes. These things are noted in the files so that they can be accommodated for this and any future pairs of shoes the cobbler makes for this client.

The next step is for the cobbler to make what’s called a last or model of the client’s foot. This ensures that a pair of shoes is made to fit only a particular client. A shoemaker can use a pre-made last if the shoe will be based on existing footwear design or make a custom last for the client. Generally, a cobbler’s custom last for a client starts with a pre-made base form and then adds to it with materials like cork or leather or takes away from it by sanding based on client measurements; the goal is to have an exact replica of the client’s foot so that a test show and then the final shoe can be built around it. In the olden days, cobblers might hand-carved a last from a block of wood but that’s far less common now.

How to Find a Skilled Cobbler IN AUSTRALIA

Like having a good tailor and barber who can be counted on, developing a good relationship with a reliable cobbler matters. The cobber will fashion and keep your lasts, and a pair of shoes is only as good as the last. The cobber will also be the one to make repairs to any pair of shoes as needed. Cobblers provide advice, especially as clients’ comfort needs change with age and activity (e.g., let’s say you take up marathon running, you may find you need different things in shoes). They may also be able to source materials make the kind of shoes you like, and keep you in the loop when those materials become available; for example, maybe a client seeks a particular look that’s hard to find, like ostrich leather or crocodile.

Of course, there are Google and social media review websites like Yelp. But try word of mouth recommendations first. If you already know of someone who uses the services of a cobbler, start there. After gathering a few names, begin the review process.

The Cobbler You Are Considering.  Checking Out Their Work

Ask the cobbler to see samples of their work and examine them carefully. Are the stitches clean? No parts or pieces sticking out or feeling uneven if you run your finger along the heel or the sole? Does the cobbler listen to you? In general, this is a collaborative relationship and you want the cobbler to listen to your needs and concerns; in return, you should also be listening to his or her expertise. Ask whether the cobbler does all work in-house or whether anything gets sent out to freelancers. A good relationship, like a good pair of shoes, will last a long time.

While having a pair of shoes made by a cobbler isn’t something that most men do frequently, it can be a highly memorable and very positive experience, especially if there are fit concerns that make buying ready-to-wear shoes difficult. Instead of buying cheap shoes year after year, and having to hunt down a favourite style or colour, a well-made pair of shoes is an investment that can last years.

Women’s Dress Shoes & Boots
  • All types of heels, platforms & lifts
  • Protective soles (rubber, leather)
  • Full & half soles (rubber, leather)
  • Insoles & heel backs
Men’s Dress Shoes
  • Heels (rubber, leather, combination)
  • Buildups
  • Full soles (rubber, leather)
  • Tips (rubber, leather, metal)
Urban Street Kicks
  • Insoles; heel backs
  • Cleaning; reconditioning
  • Waterproofing
  • Stretching

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